Making Matters

The podcast about UX, web design, development, and all other kinds of digital stuff

Episode 5: Digital Ego

Chris and Thomas discuss how we can overcome our digital egos by using what’s out there, instead of reinventing the wheel.

Episode 4: UX, UI... U-Wot?!

Chris, Will and Mathew discuss the difference between UX and UI, wireframe fidelity, and using prototypes to help sell your designs.

Episode 3: Managing internal projects

Chris, Thomas and Will discuss internal projects, and the unique challenges they pose for UX designers.

Episode 2: What does a UX designer do?

Chris and Thomas attempt to answer the question of what a UX designer does these days, but end up talking about how to get into the industry.

Episode 1: User-centric development

Chris and Thomas take a peek behind the development curtain to find out what makes a product team user-focused.

Who’s speaking?

Chris Myhill

Freelance UX designer. Loves puppies, coffee, and post it notes.

Thomas Edwards

Technical director. Loves kittens, coffee, and notebooks.

Will Snow

UX designer. Loves kittens, coffee, and post it notes.